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Jürgen Partenheimer
Jürgen Partenheimer, Partenheimer, Weltachse, SMAK 2002
  À la rêveuse matière verscheen samen met de tentoonstelling van Partenheimer La robe des choses (The guise of things, Het gewaad van de dingen) in S.M.A.K. (Gent) tijdens de zomer van 2002.

À la rêveuse matière, tweedelige uitgave met etsen van Jürgen Partenheimer en teksten van Francis Ponge.

  'The SMAK exhibition is thus more than a survey of recent works. During one of the discussions that preceded the exhibition, it became clear that Partenheimer sees every exhibition as a unique statement. He does not react against the museum space. He transforms the space and makes sure it is not in any way noncommittal. He thereby redefines the museum as a place of dynamism and movement, as an essential part of public space and social debate. It is precisely because the space can be stripped of any dominant identity that the artist succeeds always in giving new meanings to the same spaces.

Books also occupy a very prominent place in his work. This interest comes not only from a great love of the written word, which just like the image is a collection of signs, a veil that both conceals and reveals reality. The book is like a mental place, a unique and yet universal context in which both imagination and reflection belong. In addition, the book enhances the individual nature of the journey to which the reader is invited.'

[Source: Jürgen Partenheimer, La Robe des Choses |]